Thursday, June 26, 2008


THE LONG AWAITED SITE IS NOW HERE! FASHIIONRNB.BLOGSPOT.COM IS FINALLY MOVING TO A NEW LOCATION, ----->> MYDAILYDJ.COM!!! is a more full and organized website, that offeres New tracks ( In the Form of Mixtpaes), Album reviews, Music News, Music PLaylists, Music Videos and most importantly is geared to getting upcoming artist out to the public as best as we can.

MyDailyDj is now way more selective about the music it will post. Every week 1 or 2 mixtapes will be released on MyDailyDj for you to listen to and DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!!! In other words the 3 star tracks that you all love on FashionRnB, will be madeinto a mixtape and put on MyDailyDj.

MyDailyDj is a Brand new Website and is looking to expand to different genres. If you are interested in Being involved with posting and working with MyDailyDj on new Genre's please contact us at

Also We are also looking for new faces to do funny and intelligent album reviews and News Articles about various Genre's of music. If you feel that you can help or give any other ideas or suggestions to MyDailyDj, Please e-mail us at

We at MyDailyDj, would really appreciate your feedback and help to make MyDailyDj the best website that it can be. PLease Subscribe to MyDailyDj's Mailing List to get the updates and Newest 2 and 3 star Songs Sent to you!!!!


MyDailyDj Team

Request: Benny and Ray - Spotline >Listen and Download<